Being an open-source company, Pentaho obviously likes to save a penny by using Open Source software as much as possible.

However, lately I have the impression that certain people in the organisation are taking this to extremes. Let me show you a couple of pictures to illustrate this disturbing new trend…

Dumpster diving to save a penny during lunch time… and loving it!

Dumpser diving Dumpster diving #2

I mean, WTF, right?

Well it doesn’t end there, what to think of this next picture: we don’t make data models using expensive software, we just put ‘m on the board and take pictures of it. It’s easier to document that way. (cheaper too :-)) Julian Hyde of Mondrian fame once did it on a piece of paper but didn’t really like the waste of using paper…

Blackboard madness

Still not convinced?? What about this next picture?

No desks, who needs them anyway?

That’s right: who needs desks anyway, right? To drive the point home, here is Thomas Morgner, lead developer of JFreeReport (Pentaho Reporting) riding in the back of a pickup truck, facing all kinds of dangers to save the company a couple of dollars :

Thomas in the back

I hope you now understand a bit more about the sacrifices we make each and every day in order to bring you the best possible software at the lowest price. (Free!)

UPDATE, THIS JUST IN:Â My secret informer has just sent me more evidence of the mentioned cheap behaviour:

More madness going on at Pentaho

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