Just say no…

I just came across this interesting article on Software Development Times.  In it the author (Allen Houb) places a full frontal attack on XML.  I find the article interesting because I agree with most if not all what he says…

“Surely”, you say, “that can’t be right, you use XML all over the place in Kettle?”

Yes, absolutely, but I never ever expose this XML to users nor developers of Kettle unless they really want to see what’s going on.

The article is also interesting because at Pentaho we have been trying as hard as possible to limit the exposure of XML to our users (end-users and developers alike).  Our solution is not to create a new programming language as Mr. Houb suggests, but to create all kinds of wizards and rich GUI’s that translate the XML into a human readable format.

We even created a button for it:

No XML button
Until next time,

P.S. Just to be clear about this: in situations where the XML is strictly limited to what is was designed to do: being an interface, it really is the best format to use.  Support for internationalisation alone warrants the use.

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