Here is a quick preview of what has changed in the latest development version of Spoon:

As you can see we have enabled spoon to load multiple transformations, execute multiple transformation and monitor remote slave servers.

In the sample above we have loaded 3 transformations in graphical editors, we are also running a dimension update locally, a history tab for the previous executions of that dimension and we are monitoring an EC2 slave server.

If you want to play with this as well, get the latest development distribution Kettle-2.4.0.zip. For the remote execution you need to run the Carte server on the remote server. (Carte.bat or carte.sh for the open systems) It would help us out enormously if you did try it and gave us feedback in the form of suggestions, new icons for the different tabs, bug reports and what not. I can’t promise that all small things will get fixed, but we sure will give it a try and at this time.

To those that are already doing that: Jens, Samatar, Sven, Sven, the rest of the development team and all the others: thank you for the sustained support!
Until nex time,


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