A long wait

It has been a long wait before we could release version 2.4.0 (ZIP – 66M) but today it looks like we were able to float the thing. The changelog (PDF – 1.5M) is even bigger than what we had for 2.3.0 and we’re advancing in many area’s.

I’m going to celebrate this release next week in Orlando. Let us know what you’re impressions are & help us make the next one even better!



A Spoon to mix it all up

It’s been a while since we did a flash demo, well here is a flash demo of the new Spoon (version 2.4.0, soon to be released) that allows you to load, execute and monitor transformations and jobs.

The demo below shows you how easy it is to use jobs and transformations alongside of each other.

Let me know what you think of these new evolutions!



Click on the image below to see the flash demo.

The new Spoon in 2.4.0