MySQL Bulk export to file

A few days ago I had some good news on the new MySQL Bulk loader for which we added support in Kettle.

Today French i18n/translation hero Samatar checked in the code for the exact oposite, built on the “SELECT … INTO OUTFILE …” statements that MySQL supports.

Bulk load to file

As you can see, this job entry allows you to export the content of a MySQL database table to a flat file. Again, this is done completely by MySQL and therefor works at optimal speed (really fast!)
We added all kinds of helpers in the GUI so that you can easily select the table and the columns to export. All you need to do is give it a filename a separator and off you go! Not only that, you can use variables to specify almost all parameters of the job entry.

In short: another great option for those of us that work with MySQL and are in need of some extra firepower.

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  1. I have used it with Sybase and SQL Server, so somehow I thought it is a utility which will work irrespectively.

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