Spam, spam, lovely spam

About 10 months ago I started to receive a lot of spam messages on this bog. The site is powered by WordPress and so I installed Askimet.  So far, Askimet captured over 22.000 spam messages. 

Although I never found a false positive so far, I always make it a point to skim over the rejected messages, just to make sure. 

Usually the log is filled with ****, **** and ****, but the spammer below actually expresses profound regret for having being forced to send me a message.

Hello Sirs, I’m very sorry for my post
buy v*agra

Well, I guess they thought it wouldn’t be as bad if they made up excuses for it or something.   On the one hand this is a funny message, on the other hand it’s very sexist to assume you have to have at least 2 men to write a blog entry. 

Oh well.

Until next time,


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