Kubuntu fun

I have been using (open) SuSE for my Linux “needs” ever since SuSE version 6.x.
For my new laptop (see previous posts on the topic) however I tought I would give Kubuntu a try. I’ve been reading a lot of positive things about it and the Ubuntu attitude towards Microsoft is a bit clearer than Novells.

I have to say that I’m absolutely impressed. The only change I change I made to the distribution was the installation of the NVidia closed source graphics drivers, but to be honest, the open source drivers worked just the same. So that’s pretty impressive to me.

Now the only thing left that bothered me was the limit to the amount of memory I can use. I packed this machine with 4GB of RAM. Vista can access it so why can’t I. Well apparently the Intel Core 2 Duo 7600 is x86-64 so I probably should have picked that DVD download from the Kubuntu site. I’m guessing that’s the mistake I made here. I won’t know until I find the time to re-install the machine. (not the next couple of weeks anyway) I’m going to try the “live DVD” one of these days to see if that gives any clues. I’ll keep you up to date in the comments.

As for the real reason why I like this laptop and Linux: the complete re-build of the Kettle project takes less than 10 seconds on the new box. This could take minutes on my old (2GHz Pentium-M) machine. That and “apt-get”. ‘nough said.

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