10000 posts!

Today we received our 10000th post on our Pentaho Data Integration (Kettle) forum. It seems only a short while ago that user “rsheldon” posted the very first post on December 12th 2005.

I can still remember myself thinking: “I just open sourced years of work and you ask me an Oracle question on legal stuff? WTF??

Fortunately, other people followed and although at first there where only a few posts, these days the forum is the doorway to a vibrant community that makes me proud to be a part of. It seems these days we’re getting hundreds of posts each week and I’m extremely pleased that almost all questions get a reply.

Surely, the insane quick pace of Kettle development is to be blamed for the large number of questions, but I for one can only be glad for this. What once was my pet project is now a full community effort. This is what Ohloh has to say about Kettle:

Factoid: “Large, active development team”

Over the past twelve months, 11 developers contributed new code to Kettle.

This is a relatively large team, putting this project among the top 10% of all project teams on Ohloh.

For this measurement, Ohloh considered only recent changes to the code. Over the entire history of the project, 12 developers have contributed.

In fact more developers have contributed, but all changes before 4 months ago are not taken into account. That is because we recently migrated to a different source control server.

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  1. One thing I’ve found while constantly searching the forum for answers and new ideas is that the alphanumeric verification for every search becomes cumbersome. I wish there was a “certified pentaho member” status that would enable for faster searching.

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