Kettle 3 RC1

UPDATE: version 3.0 has been released!

Dear Kettle fans,

Again, we leave a very busy period behind us (to start another :-)) with this announcement of this first release candidate for version 3.0.0.

Here is a link to the binary zip file and here is the source code.

What has changed since version 3.0.0-M2?

  • A new debugger (see also my blog entry on the subject)
  • Remote execution of jobs. (see also this wiki page)
  • Toolbar New Job/Trans change
  • Faster variable insertion through CTRL-SPACE
  • JavaScript enhancements for 3.0: (see also this wiki page on JS migration)
  • Logging enhancements, VFS and performance enhancements in Spoon. (lower latency)
  • The “Unzip” job entry
  • The “FTP Put” job entry
  • An icon in the toolbar to get fast access to a database explorer
  • The “LDAP Input” step
  • The “Mondrian Closure Table Generator” step
  • Support for Sybase IQ and “BMC Remedy Action Request System”
  • Updates to the JavaScript samples to reflect the new code format.
  • A lot of compatibility and stability bug fixes as well as cosmetic updates

I forgot to mention this last time but PDI-3.0.0 requires Java version 1.5 to run.

Every release in the 3.0 series is getting more stable. However, please refrain from using this version in production situations! This versions still has to go through 2 major testing and bug-fix cycles. Thank you for your understanding.

I would like to point my gratitude toward the many people that filed bug reports over on our JIRA case tracking system. Keep those bug reports coming!! They really help us a lot. Most if not all bugs will get fixed, both for versions 2.5.1 and 3.x.!

Thanks in advance and enjoy RC1!

Until next time!


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