Kettle version 2.5.2 available

Dear Kettle fans,

A lot of things have happened in terms of development in the the 3.x codebase.
However, that doesn’t mean we don’t maintain the 2.5 tree anymore. A lot of fixes where back-ported from the 3.x tree and we managed to add a few new job entries as well.
Click here for a full list of the changes versus 2.5.1. A version 2.5.3 source tree has been opened in which we will continue to fix problems, at least for a while longer. We will no longer add new features to this version.

Grab the goodies over here:

Windows installer: PDI-2.5.2.exe

Instructions on how to install using the executable are over here. Just make sure to use a Microsoft Windows operating system to install on. 🙂

Version 2.5.2, like before runs on version 1.4 or higher of the Java Runtime Environment.

Enjoy the release!

Best regards,


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