Dear Kettle fans,

In a few weeks (23-24th) it’s FOSDEM time again. Not only will there be a number of Pentaho and Kettle fans attending, I will also be giving a lightning talk on Saturday on the topic of Kettle. I saw a few of these last year and they are quite brutal: you get 15 minutes to explain as much as you can on your subject and then an alarm clock goes off stopping you dead in your track. As such, some timing & testing will be required for this presentation later this week.

I intend to give a short history of Kettle, the current status, what we’re working on and a few minutes of demo.
Since this is a “Free Open Source Developer Meeting”, I’m going to focus technically, although it should be interesting for all open source data integration fans.

If you want to meet the gang, have a chat or a beer, feel free to contact me and we’ll get together.

Until next time,


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