Organizing job entries

Hi Kettle friends,

One of the tasks that has been on my plate for a long time was the creation of categories for Job Entries, like we have for steps:

This was done as part of this feature request: PDI-125.  I guess the main problem was that we were getting too many job entries and I needed to improve our support for job entry plugins anyway.  As such, this feature got into the 3.1.0-M1 version as well.

We’re going to do a number of other GUI improvements and reviews over the next couple of months, feel free to chip in at any given time.

Until next time,


Nihon Kettle : ja_JP

Dear friends,

I bring you more good news from the Kettle i18n efforts : Hiroyuki Kawaguch has contributed the first translations in Japanese to trunk:

After English, French, Italian, Spanish (Argentina), German, Spanish (Spain), Chinese, Dutch, Portuguese (Brazil & Portugal), this is the 11th translation effort.  It’s impossible to thank our team of translators enough for all the efforts that they did to translate the various parts of Kettle.

Until next time,


IRC ##pentaho

Of-course there are the crazies, but usually we have a good time over on ##pentaho IRC.

Yesterday we had our very first community event when Doug “Spanky” Moran hosted a dial-in to talk about what was up in the community.

Today, I learned about regular andresF his blog.

Internet Relay Chat is old technology that has existed for quite a while now, but to me it doesn’t lose it’s appeal. Over at FOSDEM I learned that there are companies like MySQL that have private channels to communicate “non-intrusively” with colleagues. “Maybe some developer can help me with this stupid problem. I’ll just drop a question on the channel.” It’s a good idea, we should consider it for Pentaho too.

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