Mantle : Pentaho platform on fire

Once in a while there are changes in software that are interesting to watch and witness.  Mantle, a new incubation project from one of Pentaho’s finest Mike D’Amour, is such a change.

Mantle is a new shell, a new layer on top of the normal Pentaho platform.  The new thing about it is that it uses AJAX (Web 2.0) using the Google Web Toolkit (GWT).   The interesting feature of GWT(*) is that it allows Java developers (like most of the devs at Pentaho) to write code that gets cross compiled into JavaScript.

One of the first things you’ll notice when you’ll hit the proof of concept site over at (forwards to an Amazon EC2 test node, be gentle) is that it is fast despite being run on a virtual server.

Not only that, right clicking on actions, reports, analyses, etc allows you to set properties, schedule, etc:

Mantle with right click in tree

It allows for a very rich experience for users as well as administrators.  One sample is the setting of security on a report:

IMHO, what is really interesting about it all is that with his in-depth knowledge of the Pentaho platform, Mike has been able to write his new Mantle shell in only a few weeks time. (in his spare time!)

As is the case with all of the work we do, but especially with proof of concepts like Mantle, we would like to invite you to give feedback on this great initiative, either here, on our ##pentaho IRC channel (on Freenode) or as issues over at the Mantle project.

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(*) That is besides the fact that GWT carries an open source Apache license (no vendor lock-in folks) is highly optimized both in terms of JavaScript and download speed (faaaast!!), is browser independent (lowers our software maintenance cost), is well documented, has a large community and a nice API 🙂

3 thoughts on “Mantle : Pentaho platform on fire”

  1. Wow! Nice work, Mike! I find this much easier to navigate than the current Pentaho PCI. I hope that Pentaho takes some ideas from it in the 1.7/1.8 timeframe.

  2. Deleted by the spam filter by mistake (sorry Feris, my mistake, Matt) :
    Wow… that’s what I can say !

    As Pentaho partner, this will absolutely great value on fullfilling BI needs in so many aspects… especially in great UI and management !

    – Feris Thia (

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