3.0.4 : another point release

Dear Kettle friends,

Last week we released another point release in the successful Pentaho Data Integration 3.0 series.
Version 3.0.4 fixes another 39 issues compared to 3.0.3. and is meant to give people a stable GA release to work with while we finish polishing version 3.1.0.  Although we do back-port fixes from version 3.1.0, only the minor changes go in to make the point releases more stable, not less.

Until next time,

1 thought on “3.0.4 : another point release”

  1. Hello Matt,

    It’s a good news this new release of Kettle !
    I use this one since few weeks (build from SVN, thk you for the adress), with the fix of issue PDI-1255 (Ldap Step)

    And it works very well in production… 🙂

    All the best

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