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  1. Meh, I’m an internet speed addict and my 20Mb/s Telenet line also includes free internet at the airport. It’s not really “free as in beer”, more like free fries to go with that extra large double cheeseburger “de luxe”.

    On the subject, given the ever increasing prices of the airline tickets, I’m saddened that very few airports offer truly free internet.
    The only airport I’ve encountered so far that has it is Orlando (MCO). That should not be the only reason to come here. It’s 32°C out here, rainstorms, etc. My plane went circling for half an hour through the low hanging clouds. I was glad to be on the ground.

    Take heed open source travelers all around.

  2. “I may not be a perfect Engineer at this point of time but what makes me special is the desire to become the perfect.”

    This is the statement which I said in HR round of my campus interview when my wish of getting selected in the that company was just about to be killed. And after all I got selected. I think that if any opportunity is given “fortunately” you should push yourself hard to fulfil the purpose of that fortunate moment which you got.
    Finding KETTLE 2.4 was the first fortunate moment and first tech pack which I started working and still working on the same though I have explored may new things in like reporting and dashboard, PDS etc.
    So many times I was neglected because I was a minor in my experience but later on I got recognized by some Visionary guys and they pushed me ahead. I was nominated for the Best Innovation Award, I initiated many steps, seminars in my organization by using “Pentaho” products. And today I am a bit distinguished because of still being a minor having a major knowledge.:)

    Thanks Matt.
    Best Wishes.

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