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Dear Kettle fans,

We have more good news from our friends at Proratio, a Pentaho partner of the first hour: apparently they finished porting the ProSAPConn SAP adapter to version 3.x of Kettle.  It’s now re-branded under the name ProERPconn.

For me it’s interesting to see this software grow and improve over time since the connector was the reason why Kettle got a plugin architecture in the first place. Back in 2003-2004 I added the capability to load plugins after contacts with Proratio in version 2.0 of Kettle.  That same plugin system survived a number of years (up until version 2.5) and it’s great to see that we now have the possibility to address SAP data using a 3.x version plugin as well.

Congratulations to the Proratio team!

Until next time,

1 thought on “Kettle & SAP : ProERPconn”

  1. Hi,

    we want to extract information from SAP with Pentaho. Do you have any guide on how to do it? I think we need to install a complement called “proerpconn”. Where do we need to install it? In SAP Servers or in Pentaho application? Do we need to do any configuration in SAP part?


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