Black holes : ban all matches!

Because of the construction work on our house we had to move to a different place.  We have a gas driven stove to cook our daily food on.

Today, when I wanted to light a match to start the fire, I quickly stopped when the following thought occurred: what if lighting that match would create a black hole and suck up the complete earth?

OK, I hear you say, it happens many times all over the world, people light up matches all the time!  Yeah, but it would just be MY luck if a black hole happens to get created in MY match, right?

I mean, those things are highly explosive things, you never know what goes on in there?  Has this process been investigated long enough?  I certainly have no clue how a match ignites!

Personally, I think they should just switch to electronic lighters and ban all matches on the planet.  I’m sure most of you agree with me!

Until next time,


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