Visual step error indicators

Dear Kettle fans,

I’ve implemented PDI-1831 today which basically improves usability of Spoon in the execution/logging dept.

  • Adding a preview menu item to the step right-click menu
  • A “clear log before execution” option in the execution dialog (enabled by default)
  • Prevent the Execution results pane tabs from losing focus / de-selected
  • Adding graphical indicators to see which step in the transformation had an error during the latest execution.

That last item looks like this graphically.  We introduced an error in a JavaScript step and ran the transformation:

And if you mouse over the small red “stop sign” icon you get the following tool tip:

These are changes for 3.2.0-M1.

Until next time,


4 thoughts on “Visual step error indicators”

  1. Hi Matt,
    this one is really helpfull….but the graphical icon is not clearly visible.
    When you have a big transformation with many steps, you need to see quickly the step that failed.
    Regarding the error, only the first part (ie “foo” is not defined) is helpfull, will it be possible to have a mode that show directly the “real” user error and avoid all the stack trace?

    Take care


  2. Actually, you see it remarkably well since the icon borders are also drawn in red.
    We can make the icon bigger or different, it should be simple to change.

    As far as the “only foo” message: that is not yet possible, it requires a logging architectural change, slated for version 4.0. (since it breaks compatibility “here and there”). Then we’ll be able to tie logging to individual steps and separate the messages from the stack traces.

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