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  1. Um. There are many VNC servers for X that will share your ‘current’ session. ‘vino’ is one, which is part of Gnome; I’m sure KDE has something similar, but I don’t know any further details.

  2. Paul, Wouter, you obviously still need a central server to multi-cast your desktop to an audience.
    In Gnome, KDE, I invite you to try the remote control solutions. You’ll find out that this only works if you have direct IP connection. It doesn’t run over the internet nor over NAT, etc. They invariably reference a local IP address when you share your desktop.

  3. Matt – I used Yugma for the better part of a year as my “web conferencing” tool of choice. You see, as a Mac user who needs to collaborate (and SHARE) with users on Windows there were two options: WebEx (EXPENSIVE) and Yugma (CHEAP). As a linux use I’m sure you found the same.

    Yugma was functional but over the course of the year but I found the execution of several aspects were terrible. It required users to enter their email address when logging into a meeting (people couldn’t just join with their name/meeting key), reloading the application everytime they upgraded (which was often). My customers found it to be a “crappy, cheap” version of the more established brands. I agreed with them, but was stranded because of platform issues.

    As a Mac user I rejoiced when GoToMeeting finally fully supported the mac. I dropped Yugma like a bad habit and have been enjoying my favorite web conferencing service now for the past few months again! Hopefully you, and those you collaborate with find Yugma better than I did – solidly average and cheap.

  4. Nick, the only reason I went with them is that they support Linux. That’s more than you can say from WebEx AND GoToMeeting. The fact that they also added support for Linux hosting gives them even more credit.
    It’s indeed so that they are releasing quite a bit of versions, they went from 2.x to 4.0 beta in less than six months if I’m not mistaken. However, I can’t really hold that against them.

  5. I think WebEx supports linux – but I’m not 100% sure on that and WebEx is expensive – in my opinion unnecessarily.

    Listen Yugma at $10 / mo for a relatively functional web conferencing software is a great deal. I personally am willing to pay the $50 / mo at GoToMeeting so that my customers get the absolute best exeperience. Yugma didn’t bother me as much as the throngs of Windows users accustomed to WebEx/GoToMeeting.

    As you point out though, Yugma is really the only game in town if you want Linux web conferencing. I’d happily join any Yugma web conference you host ! 😉

  6. Go To Meeting and WebEx require people to give their emails when joining a meeting, don’t they? Also, I don’t like how these two download a bunch of crap on my client’s machines without their knowledge, very shady.

  7. Since Pentaho uses it, I’m somewhat of an experienced WebEx user too. In about 10% of the cases WebEx works on my Linux machine and ONLY as a viewer and ONLY with limited capabilities. If I really need it to work I have to turn on my dust-collecting Mini-Mac or run Windows XP in a VMWare instance.

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