Kettle log text capturing

Dear Kettle fans,

As you know, Kettle 4.0 received a new logging framework not so long ago.  It allows us to know exactly where a log-line comes from, even in complex ETL situations.

So when codek asked to know the cause of errors in a job, it was quite easy to implement this.

Here is a single screen shot that should explain it all (click to open image):

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3 thoughts on “Kettle log text capturing”

  1. Matt,

    Thanks for this info! I just started using PDI 4.0 and I really like what I see. Where can I get more information on the PDI 4.0 Logging Framework? I searched the PDI forum but I came out empty.


  2. Khaled, a detailed description of the new Kettle4 logging framework will be present in our new book “Pentaho Kettle Solutions” by Wiley.
    There are also bits and pieces written on the wiki about it.

    Good luck,

  3. Ordered my copy. This is great news. Thanks Matt.

    Been playing with 4.0 and it has great improvements, especially visually.

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