Slides from my MySQL UC 2010 presentation

As requested by a few fans out there, here are the slides of my presentation

As requested by a few fans out there, here are the slides of my presentation:

Pentaho Data Integration 4.0 and MySQL.pdf

I had a great time at the conference, met a lot of nice folks, friends, customers, partners and colleagues. After the conference I was unable to get back home like so many of you because of the Paul Simon singing Eyjafjallajökul volcano in Iceland.

So I ended up flying over to Orlando for a week of brutal PDI 4.0 RC1 hacking with the rest of the l33t super Pentaho development team.  However, after 2+ weeks from home, even a severe storm over Philadelphia couldn’t prevent me from getting home eventually.

Until next time,

MySQL User Conference 2010

Dear Kettle and MySQL fans,

Next week I’ll be strolling around the MySQL user conference in Santa Clara.  Even better, I’ll be presenting Tuesday afternoon (3:05pm).  The topic is Pentaho Data Integration 4.0 and MySQL.

The presentation will show you what the world’s most popular open source data integration tool can do for a MySQL user.  It will include practical examples and will showcase the latest improvements present in the brand new version 4.0.

Even more than the presentation itself, I’m looking forward to meeting you all over there.  The regular crowd, MySQL users, Pentaho partners, folks from Calpont, Continuent, SQLStream and many others but also the many new colleagues in San Francisco.

More than anything else I’m looking forward to hear about your Kettle successes and real-world data integration war stories.  If you want to chat about Kettle 4, see things first-hand or simply join the Pentaho gang for a beer, don’t hesitate to ask.  I’ll try to regularly tweet my whereabouts at the user conference so you’ll know where I’m at.

Let me finish with a note to everybody that promised me beer in return for features and bug fixes: it’s payback time!

See you soon at the conference!