Book Review : Pentaho 3.2 Data Integration

Dear Kettle fans,

A few weeks ago, when I was stuck in the US after the MySQL User Conference, a new book was published by Packt Publishing.

That all by itself is something that is not too remarkable.  However, this time it’s a book about my brainchild Kettle. That makes this book very special to me. The full title is Pentaho 3.2 Data Integration : Beginner’s Guide (Amazon, Packt).  The title all by itself explains the purpose of this book: give the reader a quick-start when it comes to Pentaho Data Integration (Kettle).

The author María Carina Roldán (blogtwitter) is a seasoned BI consultant and a valued member of the Kettle community. Besides her frequent appearances on our forum, she is appreciated by many for the time she spent on the Kettle Tutorial.

I’m not going to go over the detailed table of content.  Since I wrote the foreword of the book, I’m sure you’ll agree I’m somewhat biased. However, in all objectivity, the book covers what it claims to cover: it does help the PDI/Kettle beginner tremendously.  It covers all you need to get started and then some: the installation of PDI, the typical “Hello World” setup of PDI, reading text files, calculating, scripting, databases, repositories, etc.  As the title indicates, this book covers the current 3.2 stable release of Kettle, not the upcoming 4.0 release. However, for as far as 99% of the topics covered are concerned, that shouldn’t make too much of a difference.

So obviously I can recommend this book very much. It’s a time-saver for those that are starting with PDI.  For those that have dabbled with Kettle before I must say that María packed the book with nice tips and tricks so I’m sure you’ll be able to learn a thing or two.

Until next time,