Hops in 4.1

Hi Kettle friends,

Right before we close the 4.1 development cycle in big anticipation of the BI Server “Sugar” 3.7.0 release, I wanted to get a few things done that were on my mind for quite a while and so I decided to take another look at the handling of hops between steps and job entries.

One of the things I wanted to do with that is allow all hops downstream from a certain point in a transformation (or job) to be disabled or enabled… and so I did.  This will allow for easier debugging of a faulty step at the end of the transformation.

Mirko Schuh filed a JIRA case that went even further by contributing a patch to set hop states in a bulk mode.  I took that idea (not a lot of the code) and now you can enable and disable the hops between all the selected steps (or job entries).  Last but not least I thought you might like the fact that you can now disable and enable hops simply by clicking on them once.

Then there were complaints from various people that didn’t like the fact that info, target and error handling hop information was lost when a hop was split. This too was addressed:

Well, in anticipation of a milestone drop of 4.1.0, the Pentaho EMEA partner event in Lisbon as well as the following community meetup I’ll accept your feedback and suggestions on the subject of hops with much interest.

Until next time or in Lisbon!


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