7 thoughts on “Parse nasty XLS with dynamic ETL”

  1. This is excellent, I’m trying it on a slightly different soruce spreadsheet – it’s identical expect that it has a 1 cell border of nothing.

    So, all the data/headings start on column 1 (0 index). No matter what I do, I can’t get this to start at Row 1 and Column 1. It always comes out blank.

    Any hints?

  2. Excellent – was looking for this and here it’s all described in great detail! Matt, thanks a lot.

    No provisions are made that this runs as a transaction, most obviously on file layout.txt, but also ETL Metadata Injection does not seem to be safe if multipe instances run in parallel.

    Not that I’d need that – at least not now. But it makes me wonder whether this is a general concern for ETL or whether people generally assume that a ‘once-a-day’ execution is safe enough…?


  3. Indeed, a very useful step. I need it for the Knowledge Flow plug-in though. Need to model different sets of inputs in a job using the knowledge flow plug-in. So need to inject the meta data into the Fields/Sampling tab dynamically.

    Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

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