20 thoughts on “Data Modeling”

  1. This is awesome. A good simple dimensional modeling tool integrated with Kettle? It’s like Christmas for Halloween.

  2. Hi Matt,

    Great addition! Would really help out a lot of people.
    Have you checked out our latest version 2.0 of Quipu? We’ve added a datamart creation assistant in our generator as a first step. Maybe we should join forces?

  3. Sterke feature. Eigenlijk ben je goed op weg om het beste open source product aller tijden te maken, puur op basis van hoeveel value je creëert met PDI voor bedrijven die data moeten verwerken (ik maak de vergelijking simpel met hoeveel IBM Data Manager, SSIS, Datastage of Informatica kosten). Thanks!

  4. Hi Matt,

    This look awesome!!!
    As I’m a beginner in BI, I’m currently trying to improve my skills by using PDI. I already started to touch and play with the tool and I would like now to modelize my dimension and fact table (I already made my analysis on the relational DB of an OpenERP installation).
    My point is that I’m using the version 4.2 of PDI and based on your remarks, this plugin needs the version 4.3.
    Within your post, you said “We can see later how we can deploy on 4.2 as well.” – Is it now available?

    Thanks in advance.


  5. It’s going to be a plugin Bodays but for now the star modeler is still in development. Pentaho is re-aligning it’s complete metadata architecture so it will take a few months to flesh out.

  6. Hi Matt,

    I agree with Vishal — extracted to plugin folder, restarted, can not see the perspective… I suspect its a conflict with AgileBI plugin?

  7. Pentaho’s Kettle Data Integration Tool is great!
    It’s true that not all the functionalities are obvious (especially for someone who is discovering the field of business intelligence, generally), but including a star modeling tool withing DIT is genuine initiative!

    Good luck!

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