Pentaho Community Meetup 2016 recap

Dear friends,

I just came back from PCM16, the 9th annual edition of our European Pentaho Community Meetup.  We had close to 200 subscriptions for this event of which about 150 showed up making this the biggest so far.  Even though veterans of the conference like myself really appreciate the warmth in previous locations like Barcelona and Cascais, I have to admit we did get a great venue in Antwerp this year with 2 large rooms, great catering, top notch audiovisual support in a nice part in the city center. (Free high speed Antwerp city WiFi, Yeah!)

Content-wise everything was more than OK with back-to-back presentation on a large variety of subjects and I’m happy to say lots of Kettle related stuff as well.

For an in depth recap of the content you can see here for the technical track and here for the other sessions.

Personally I was touched by the incredibly positive response from the audience after my presentation on the state of the PDI unit testing project.  However, the big bomb was dropped when Hiromu Hota from Hitachi Reseach America started to present a new “WebSpoon” project.  You could almost hear everyone think: “Oh no, not another attempt at making a new Kettle web interface”.  However, 2 minutes into the presentation everyone in the audience started to realize that it was the real, original Spoon with all the functionality it has, ported 1:1 to a web browser on your laptop, thin device, phone or tablet. Applause spontaneously erupted, twitter exploded and people couldn’t stop talking about about it until I left the PCM crowd a day later.  Now I’m obviously very happy we managed to keep the WebSpoon project a secret for the past few months and it’s impossible to thank Hota-san enough for traveling all the way to present at our event this weekend.

My heartfelt thanks also go out to Bart Maertens and the whole crew for making PCM16 a wonderful experience and an unforgettable event!

See you all at PCM17!


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  1. Hi Matt ,

    I have defined a database connection within my transformation and I have UCDL defined within transformation trying to connect to database but looks like the transmetadata is unable to find the Database I have defined .

    Wher should we define the database for the below api to find the databases


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