Blog finally restored

Dear Kettle & Neo4j fans,

Having your website getting hacked is bad enough. If you know me a little bit though, you know that I keep my software up-to-date (automatic WordPress updates!) and passwords impossible to guess. My laptop runs on a Linux variant with secure UEFI boot loader, encrypted hard drive and so on. As such it’s painful to see your provider throw websites onto the same server just to be on the cheap side and allow websites to compromise each other with cross site scripting attacks. After over 13 years of problem free loyal service just got hacked and subsequently blocked.

Anyway, that’s basically the reason why I’ve resurrected and moved the blog to my own server with Linux App Armor on it and the works. At least now if I get hacked it will be my own darned fault.

The reason why it took a bit to get this work done is that I’ve been working really hard actually. Besides supporting the Neo4j field engineers and sales efforts in our Solutions team our software needs to move forward as well:

It’s a tremendous amount of fun but restoring that WordPress backup just wasn’t that much fun and less of a priority. Let me know if there’s anything that feels wrong 😉



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